Enameled lava console table

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Enameled lava console table

Enamelled lava console tables lend themselves to all indoor décor.  Indispensable item to adorn a wall panel or the corner of a room, the enamelled lava console table offers endless possibilities in terms of decoration.

Ideal in a hallway or a living room, the console table fits in perfectly with any home environment.  Hatypic-Design can answer all your needs regarding size and pattern.

Filament collection console table

The filament design collection in enamelled lava enhances the material and offers a timeless simplicity to the eye of the beholder

description :

  • As in photo size cm 40X95X87 high
  • Other size cm 30X110X90 high
  • Also available to place near the side of a sofa
  • Pedestal table or customized dimensions
  • Steel structure, coat of lacquered paint
  • Enamelled lava table top, lower shelf optional.

Zoom console table

The zoom console table offers an airy line which is integrated in a plain and elegant pattern.  The top enhances the Volvic lava stone and displays a unique and timeless enamelled pattern.

description :

    • As in photo size cm 140X40X92 high
    • Enamelled lava top, black glossy pattern.


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