Modern enamelled lava stone

Kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor ornamentation, commercial signs, living rooms, hallways, meeting rooms

Our customers

Design and creations in enamelled lava

Private individuals

Private individuals

kitchens, bathrooms, home furniture, garden furniture, decorative effects…all your projects tailor-made
Architects & designers

Architects & designers

modern design in enamelled lava indoors and outdoors.  Bespoke work for all your projects.


professional plaques, corporate gifts, commercial signs, reception areas.   Set yourself apart.

Local authorities

Local authorities

Street signs, footpath signs, commemorative plaques, columbaria, signs with strong added value for the environment

Hatypic design

Enamelled lava as a mode of modern expression.

Our clients

Enamelled lava creation

fan auvergne
banque populaire
We produce items in enamelled lava for many customers all over France. Please contact us and request a free quote.

Hatypic design

Modern enamelled lava creations

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+33 6 75 83 46 19

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