Enamelled lava and outdoor layout

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enameled lava outdoor furnitures

Enamelled lava outdoor furniture

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Hélène Combronde likes to create a personalised garden in keeping with the environment and every customer’s lifestyle.

That’s what the enamelled lava workshop offers with its customised decorative items.

Architects, designers, landscape gardeners and botanists work together to make our relationship with nature better, and enamelled lava takes its own part when creating a contemporary garden.

The enamelled lava decorative item is tailor-made to enhance the place where it is put.  It can be wall-facing, tiles or taco tiles, dividing borders for patios, outdoor furniture such as stone tables or outdoor benches.  Hatypic also produces decorative items such as garden totem poles and exclusive items to enhance your outdoor area.

The lava stone is adorned with patterns and colours fulfilling  your wishes.  Each outdoor decorative project is customised and crafted to fulfil your expectations and fit in with the place it is put.

Enamelled lava stone offers endless decorative possibilities and is well known for being outstandingly weatherable. Don’t hesitate in choosing the quality of this everlasting material.