Stove and fireplace facing

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Stove and fireplace facing

Enamelled lava is ideal for creating customised facing for your fireplaces and stoves.

Enamelled lava for fire-places

Facing fireplaces with lava stone gives character to your home and is adaptable thanks to customised patterns and colours which offer endless decorative solutions.

The enamel pattern on lava stone turns it into a unique work of art. The lava stone used for crafting facing surfaces comes from Central France and the enamelling is also hand made in the Auvergne.

Downsizing fireplaces hearths

It’s possible to downsize fireplaces hearths.  Hatypic offers enamelled lava downsizing solutions which can adapt perfectly and be customized.


Enamelled lava pellet-stoves: a trendy solution for heating.

Pellet stoves give out hot air that radiates in the room where they are set.  The stoves are contemporary thanks to their bespoke enamelled lava stone facing.Enamelled lava adorns a stove thus combining high quality and aesthetic pleasure.

The stoves we sell are 100 % made in France with state of the art technology, and allow users to save quite a lot on the heating bill.

  • .silent
  • environment friendly
  • remote access
  • five years’ guarantee on the furnace
  • outstanding heating output
  • Fully qualified installers (‘qualibois’ qualification)
  • Aftersales service and experts on demand

The enamelled lava facings can be produced in a great number of patterns and colours.Hatypic also offers a wide palette of colours and patterns made-to-measure for crafting the facings.

Easy-on-the eye and modern, enamelled lava stone fireplaces can be a major asset when creating your home décor.

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