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Midway panels in enameled lava

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Midway panels in enameled lava

Coordinated with the worktop, the midway panel is no longer hidden and offers a view on the art of living.

Decorative tiles are fashionable.  Hatypic design offers enameled lava midway panels which allow you to create a trendy and ‘just your style’ kitchen.  The décor is therefore of prime importance  and colour is also a definite trend  in modern kitchens.Natural stone remains a solid value which fits in with all styles, old and new.

A noble material

Enameled lava stone is well known for its resistance and durability.  It’s an upmarket material which is compatible with a worktop, a table or a high table and allows tailor –made solutions for  your kitchen.

Endless colours and patterns

In contemporary kitchens bright colours are standard. The range of colours available is endless and sophisticated. The bright or mat finish and personalised patterns are in perfect keeping with the modern atmosphere you have opted for.
Whether you like the refined minimalist style of grey or black, the sophisticated brightness of red or the simplicity of natural colours, enamelled lava fits in with all your wishes in harmony with your home.

Tailor made

The cut-outs to slot in the cupboards or the hoods, as well as special shapes can be performed to answer all your needs. Each item is hand made and bespoke, that’s why each midway panel is unique.
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