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table made of enammeled lava

Dining tables or counter-like high tables, rectangular or square, round or oval, a table made of enamelled lava can appeal to all your flights of fancy relating to shapes, patterns and colours.

Hatypic design offers enamelled lava models reflecting your personality and brings to you its savoir-faire regarding colours, patterns, table legs styles and finish for a piece of furniture that will perfectly match your environment. 

The qualities of enamelled lava for tables and worktops are now universally recognised. Resistant, enamelled lava stone is also very easy to look after and keep clean.

The table-top is made-to-measure, whether it’s plain or with a  pattern which gives it some form of decorative rhythm. Whether graphic or inspired by nature, the decorative possibilities are endless. Enamelled lava derives its charm from its inimitable aspect.

The range of colours is endless and sophisticated.  The bright or mat finish, or personalised patterns are in perfect keeping with the modern atmosphere you have opted for.

Whether you like the refined minimalist style of grey or black, the sophisticated brightness of red or the simplicity of natural colours, enamelled lava fits in with all your wishes in harmony with your home.

The leg base is also custom-designed.  Enamelled lava combined with metal or wood is an answer for a durable and customized décor.

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