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Tiling in enameled lava

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Tiling in enameled lava

Hatypic design offers tiles in enamelled lava that allow you to create a trendy bathroom which reflects your personality.

Whether graphic or inspired by nature the decorative possibilities of enamelled tiles are endless. Feel free to let yourself be charmed by the inimitable aspect of enamelled lava and its durability.Natural stone remains a solid value which can adapt to all styles, whether modern or more traditional.

It is possible to fit enamelled lava tiles in an existing environment in order to create a new decorative touch. The solutions are numerous either for decorative friezes, tiles, taco tiles or the covering of shower walls with enamelled lava.

Enamelled decors are tailor-made with a great number of options regarding patterns, sizes and colours, so as to fit in with your project of interior decoration.  The whole production is 100 % handmade in keeping with the savoir-faire of lava enamelling.

At her wokshop Hélène Combronde offers you the possibility of considering  any type of customisation you may have in mind (shapes, patterns, colours...), but she has also designed and produced for you ranges of tiles that can be sold separately and are an elegant combination of the mineral and the present trend of shapes and patterns.

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