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Commercial enamelled plates

The choice of a commercial plate is important and it must be clear, efficient and easy-on-the eye.

A commercial plate in enamelled lava is both a high-quality sign and a durable item.  Hatypic produces plates for all medical specialities ( physiotherapists, dentists, speech therapists…)

The Medical Board is very strict on abiding by the law in accordance with the Department of Health rules when putting up a surgery plate on a wall,  since the actual size of the plate must not exceed 30 X 25 cm.

Each doctor can have 2 plates if necessary: one outside and one inside on his surgery door.

Commercial enamelled plantes can be perfectly suited to any other trade such as lawyers, baristers or paramedics. All plates are customisable regarding wirting, logos, colours or patterns. Quotation avalaible on demand

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