Enamelled lava signs

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Enamelled lava trophees

Hatypic creates customised trophies.  Whether it be for celebrating a sporting event, for a cultural or scientific meeting, a prize giving trophies can be taylor-made.

Lava stone is a timeless material and enamel enables the production of all types of colours and patterns.  The crafting is 100% hand made in Central France.

Company gifts, paper weights, golf or tennis trophies, medallions, sporting trophies or prize giving or items for advertising your business, enamelled lava enables the production of creative items reflecting your action.

Figurative or contemporaneous, enamelled lava creations also allow the reproduction of logos and photos to create unique items. An eco-friendly approach is also put into practice at the workshop to meet with the goals of sustainable development.

Enamelled trophies offer artistic and professional solutions which enhance the corporate image,  whatever your company, club, association, professional or institutional body.

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