Enamelled lava signs

street signs , memorial plaques, walkway signs, commercial signs
Enamelled memorial plaque

Enamelled lava productions are very numerous, whether it be a sign for a natural site or any other type of sign like memorial plaques.

Hatypic offers enamelled lava items which enhance the environment and produce a durable and easy-on-the eye result.

Enamelled lava befits any type of memorial :

Monuments, architecture, museum signs, historical site, heritage site, funerary art.

Cultural centres,  reception areas and tourists site

Parks and gardens, arboreta, discovery paths marking, natural site

The lifespan of enamelled lava and the outstanding quality of the product help produce stylish plaques which add value to the environment and which perfectly fit in with their commemorative function.

Any kind of graphic design can be done on enamelled lava.  It is possible to reproduce all types of logos, emblems, written text or photos and doing so customise the boards to answer the needs of the technical or functional specifications.  With a high-quality result..

The lava stone comes from the Auvergne volcanoes and all the crafting is carried out in the Puy-de-Dôme department 63.

Hatypic works from quotes and it guarantees high-end quality for the products that are designed and crafted in its workshop.  All types of projects can be considered.

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