Enamelled lava signs

street signs , memorial plaques, walkway signs, commercial signs
Logos and photos on enamelled lava

Enamelled lava allows the reproduction of logos and photos to create a personalised item.

Company gifts, paper weights, golf or tennis trophies, prize giving or items for advertising your business, enamelled lava enables the production of creative items, whatever your business, club, association, professional or institutional body.

The production of enamelled lava items is 100% French, hand-made in Central France.  Hatypic produces eco-friendly items in conformity with sustainable development.

Enamelled lava for companies

Enamelled lava answers a company’s needs for upmarket company gifts, giving customised prizes, internal and external signage displaying  a sound and durable effect.

Hatypic is a creative force regarding made-to-measure projects in order to answer your demand, your customers’ needs and the promise of a decorative and unique item.

Lava stone enables the production of original and durable items which adds specific value to them and enhances your corporate image.

Enamelled lava for associations

It is possible to reproduce logos and photos on trophies.  Enamelled lava stone enables you to turn an eventful day into a milestone day.  Whether it be for celebrating a sporting event, a cultural or scientific event, a prize giving, the lava stone trophies or gift are custom-designed.

Enamelled lava for communities

It is possible to reproduce photos and logos for the production of durable outdoor marking out signs. Enamelled lava allows the creation of customised signage in natural or heritage sites, popular or tourist attractions and adds to the beauty of the place.

Photos on lava for individuals

Immortalise your photos, lines and favourite drawings on enamelled lava.  Picture to be hung, paperweight, photo on stand, you only have to send Hatypic a good resolution jpeg photo to turn it into a gift or a souvenir for you to keep.

These enamelled lava products are interior decorative items or outdoor garden items since lava stone is not affected by frost or UV rays.  It is also possible to produce customised memorial items.

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